7 Rivers - A Texas Kitchen

11/7/1311:37am - Typical Houston gasser BBQ.  Yet another example that all you need in Houston is a great sauce, a gasser and you are in the BBQ restaurant and catering business.

I scored 7 Rivers a 73 out 100.  Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke:  Green Oak.  The Old Hickory is proudly displayed in the back in a glass enclosure.  Bright and shiny stainless tasteless steel.  The owner with great pride announced he only needs 2 sticks to smoke his BBQ.  Any wonder why I hate gassers?!

Brisket:  Good. Standard 1/8in smoke ring beneath a paper thin bark.  Thinly sliced, tested tough of tender.  Very little smoke and was basically dry roast beef.  Use the sauce.

Ribs:  Fair.  Slightly overcooked soft bite clean bone tender and moist.  Had a mushy peppery rub.  No sign of smoke ring, just brown pork.  Little smoke.  Use the sauce.

Sausage:  Very Good.  A beef link with traditional spice and good after taste.  Little grease and little smoke.  Overall flavor was good.  I enjoyed this link.  No suace needed.

Sauce:  Very Good.  Served warm.  Tomato based and very tangy.  It has a sutble spiciness that started out soft but finished strong.  This stuff could make anything taste good.  Use it with every bite.

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