Son-of-a-Brisket Bar-B-Que

5/22/14 11:51 am - In my endless search for new BBQ joints, I stumbled across this one.  The name alone was worth the drive.  Three adorable senior citizens were operating the lunch crowd.  Website indicates they may have been the parents of the owner and a family friend.  The service was very friendly.  It is located in a lease space next to a gas station/convenience store.

I scored Son-of-a-Brisket a 76 out 100.  Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke:  Oak/Red Oak.  Another Southern Pride gasser.  A brand new shiny gasser behind French doors.  At least you know what your getting.

Brisket:  Fair. A dark standard 1/8in smoke ring beneath paper thin bark.  Tested tough of tender.  Slices pulled apart with no resistance.  Slightly overcooked and on the dry side.  Smoke flavor was good.  Not much else.  Use the sauce.

Ribs:  Very Good.  Baby Backs were near perfect tender and moist.  Nice pink smoke ring beneath bronze bark.  They had a good rub seasoning and smoke flavor.  A porky good rib.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Very Good.  At first bite, I knew this was hand made.  Website indicates this is family recipe dating back to 1800's.  Is was a 3/4in medium ground pork link with mild traditional spice.  Packed very tight inside a snappy casing.  Aftertaste and smoke were very mild.  However, it was very fresh and delicious.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Excellent.  This sauce had the "Wow" factor at first taste.  It was a thick dark brown sweet and tangy sauce.  It was good by the spoonful but very overpowering on the meats.  A little goes a long way.
They also served a yellow mustard base sauce.  They called it a North Carolina style sauce.  It looked like yellow mustard and tasted like yellow mustard.  Save this stuff for the 99 cent hot dogs next door.


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