Old Smokehouse


6/22/14 11:31am - Thirty years in the same location is a testimony of mesquite smokey greatness.  One of the two spin offs from local legend Bob's Smokehouse, it eventually changed hands and renamed Old Smokehouse.  This 'que was so good, I did not snap a foodie pic until halfway through lunch.

I scored Old Smokehouse 89 out of 100.  This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ.


Smoke:  Mesquite.  A long brick pit built along the side wall of a strip center with outside firebox on one end and cinder block chimney at the other end.  For their sake I hope they own the property. Even though mesquite is not my favorite, it does remind me of home back in West Texas.  It requires a bit more skill to use than oak or hickory, but when done right its flavor is phenomenal.  Old Smokehouse does mesquite right.


Brisket:  Excellent.  A 1/4 in smoke ring beneath a thick black crunchy smokey bark.  First in line, i got the burnt end.  I nearly swooned with first bite.  I got slices from the flat and watch them crumble a little under the pressure of the knife.  The slices pulled apart with ease and were moist at first but did dry out little towards the end.  They pulled this brisket off the pit at the nick-of-time.   No knife needed tenderness.  Dominate flavor was the mesquite smoke.  Full intense smoke flavor throughout meat and well rendered fat.  No sauce needed for this masterpiece.

Ribs:  Very Good.  A meaty spare rib.  They cut the tips off separate which I like.  It was fall off the bone past tender.  No matter, with smoke and rub seasoning I inhaled them.  They were voted best rib in 2008 by San Antonio Express.  No sauce needed for this local favorite.

Sausage:  Good.  My hopes of 5 star Grand Champion were dashed with first bite of sausage.  It was course ground pork link with too bold salt flavor masking the traditional spice.  Aftertaste was OK along with mild smoke.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A thick tangy sweet sauce with a bit of spiciness.  It worked well with ribs and sausage.

PS: Try the pork shoulder.  Mesquite smokey goodness!

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