Louie Mueller Barbecue

7/13/13 11:30am - The hour wait was so worth it.  This is legendary Texas Hall of Fame barbecue.  For 64 years they have delivered perfection. It has made top billing in all issues of Texas Monthly.  Top 3 in 1997, Top 5 in 2003, Top 5 in 2008, and Top 4 in 2013.  Heck it has even received the James Beard award for America's Classics for you food snobs out there.

I scored Louie Muellar a 98 out of 100.  This is hall of fame Grand Champion Texas Barbecue.

Smoke:  Post oak.  A long white brick pit with large brick chimney rising through the ceiling like a Church steeple with a smoke stained Budweiser clock.  No wonder its nicknamed the "cathedral of smoke".  Steel warmer pits add to the primal spectacle.

Brisket:  Excellent.  An impressive 5/16in smoke ring beneath a thick rich black bark and salt and pepper blanket rub.  While you wait for your order, they put a burnt end sample on your tray.  It literally is an addictive bbq narcotic.  I got the fatty slices so I could get the full effect.  This was snap apart, pull apart perfect tenderness no knife or teeth needed.  Fat rendered to perfection. Smoke infused meat and fat. A flavor explosion in your mouth.  It melts in your mouth and you lick your fingers.  Thick slices that stand up! not fall apart. Do I even need to say it?  No sauce needed at all.

Ribs:  Excellent.  What ever magic they use on the brisket is transferred to the thin spare ribs.  Perfect cake soft tenderness and clean bone.  Rosy red meat through and through. Smoke pork salty goodness with nice peppery rub.  Overall flavor is incredible.  Not a tough bite on the entire rib.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Excellent.  After sampling several central Texas style beef links with average flavors,this was an big surprise.  I took one bite and knew I had just eaten one of the best links ever. Its a tight packed beef link with bold spice flavor, red pepper kick and a smokey red ring.  A great after taste that makes the next bite even better.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Good.  Was this some sort of joke?  Its like Louie from the grave says "My meat is so dang good I will put the worst sauce on the table to spite you for ever asking for sauce".  Not even sure if they were sauce.  The first one to me it was onion soup. A water brothy soup with chunks of onions.  Put peas and carrots in it and you would have vegetable soup.  Then there was this asian spicy salsa something or other thing.  It had strong ginger flavors.  The asian thingy sauce was my favorite, it really added a whole other dimension of flavor.  The onion soup was so faint in flavor it really added nothing.

PS: Tom N a fellow Yelper, meathead and stalker sat with me.  He ordered the beef rib and was nice enough to slice me a bite.  Texas Monthly got it right "its been know to induce dizziness and swooning" If food gives pleasure this stuff is orgasmic.  I cannot stop thinking about that beef rib.  It was like a smokey tender beefy BBQ pot roast on a bone.  Was is made be angels; because it was heavenly.
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