Guy's Meat Market

4/22/14 12:00pm – There is a serious lack of love for this meat market.  Guy’s has been running a thriving meat market with a lunch counter since 1938 right here in Houston of all places! The BBQ smoked hamburger is nationally known for over 20 years.  They have been selling their own rub seasoning since 1952 (Guys Seasoning). The meat counter is no slouch either with specialty items like boudin stuff pork chops and homemade sausages. The only time Guy’s entered the HLSR barbecue cook-off, they won it! (1975). Allright, the BBQ today is ok but so what. This is a Houston landmark if there ever was one.  Guy’s can’t even get an honorable mention in Texas Monthly.  In my library of BBQ books, not one mention of Guy’s.  What do the blogs right about? Hamburgers.  I guess if you’re a successful 76 year old meat market located within Houston city limits and your last name is Dickens instead Dinceks or Dreuz; you get no love!

I scored Guy’s a 79 out of 100.  Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke: Hickory.  I was encouraged by the smoke stack, serious bark and intense smoke flavor but they use a Southern Pride gasser.  If they would switch to an Oyler maybe they could get some much-deserved respect. (JR Manufacturing 972-285-4855 hint hint)

Brisket:  Good.  A beautiful slice with 1/4in smoke ring beneath a big black bark.  Alas, it tested tough of tender and a knife was needed (sigh).  Smoke flavor was intense and the 62-year-old rub recipe was still working its magic.  Its good with out the sauce but you will need it before you finish to offset the dryness.

Ribs:  Good.  The medium size spare ribs were a little tough.   Again the rub seasoning came through along with full smoke flavor.  A little dry but very good.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Excellent.  A homemade large 1 1/4in thick course ground pork link with bold spice and with a little red peppery heat.  After taste is long lasting.  A good amount of smoke flavor and you will fall in love.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Excellent.  A thin tomato base sauce that is not too sweet or too tangy.  Taste good by the spoon full and the flavor is not overwhelming.  A nice little dipping sauce for your three-meat plate.  Get it on the side.

History: Brad "Guy" Dickens opened the original Guy's Meat Market on Almeda in 1938. In 1958 he moved to the current location on OST. When Guy retired in 1970, his son, Brad Dickens took over the store. Brad started the smoked hamburger in 1988.

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