Zimmerhanzel's Bar-B-Que

4/18/14 11:30am – This was my second trip back because they keep running out!  I barely got the last two ribs this time at 11:30!?!  I finally had the Texas Holy Trinity.  This is a straight up no thrills Texas BBQ restaurant inside an orange metal building.  Texas Monthly listed them in the Top 50 in 2013 and Honorable Mention for 2008 & 2003.  They been smoking great barbecue since 1980.  Its makes you wonder what it takes to crack the Top 50. 

I scored Zimmerhanzel’s a 94 out of 100.  This is Grand Champion Tx BBQ.

Smoke:  Post Oak.  Beneath a gia-normous oak tree are three behemoth steel barrel cookers surrounded by cords of seasoned split oak.  Pretty primal but these pits are the reserves!  The main workhorse, however, is inside which I was unaware of and have not picture.  From blogger’s pictures it’s a steel box offset cooker much like brick pits. Apparently they do not fire up the outside pits except for busy Saturday’s and catering demands.

Brisket:  Superior Excellent!  Wow! It’s been a long time since I have had a slice this good.  I got both lean and moist.  An impressive 5/16in smoke ring beneath a substantial black bark and salty rub.  Both the lean and moist were near perfect maximum tenderness.  Moist and silky and never dry out.  A near magical intense smoke flavor and aroma.  This is hall of fame brisket. No sauce needed!  Don’t do it!

Ribs:  Excellent.  Well its no wonder these spare ribs run out.  I got the last 2 scrawny ones at the end of the rack.  Usually the toughest of the bunch, but not these!  Near perfect tender with the same silky moist tenderness.  Not a dry bite.  Rosy red with intense smoke flavor and nice rub.  No sauce needed.  Get here early so you don’t miss out.

Sausage:  Very Good.  My first thought was I just ate this same link 30 minutes ago in La Grange.  But they are handmade right here.  A course ground beef link with mild traditional spice and mild peppery aftertaste.  Very moist and casing was snappy and smoky.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Good.  A thin red tomato vinegar based sauce.  Mild flavor that does not overpower the incredible smoke meats.  If you like sauce use it.  If you forget because nothing here needs sauce, don’t sweat it.


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