D-Luxe BBQ & Catering


10/29/14 12:15 - D-luxe is D-ifferent.  The mercato wine sauce gives these smoked meats a whole new flavor.  Look for the bright red food trailer with a big black steel pit at the corner of Eldridge & Fm 1960.  A welcomed addition to the barbecue desert of North-West-No-Where.

I scored D-luxe an 86 out 100.  Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ.

Smoke:  "Red oak, Mesquite, Pecan and little bit of Hickory".  (???)  The big black ancient rusted pit is for real and not for show.  They use the pit to cook offsite and haul it to the trailer everyday.  This pit is a sight to see.  It looks like they resurrected this thing from the bottom of Galveston Bay and painted it black.  Not sure why it has smoke stacks.  There was more smoke billing out of the 1/2 inch gaps between the lids and holes at the seams.  Very primal.  The poor folks parked at the traffic light get a nice smoke bath.

Brisket:  Very Good.  An 1/8 inch smoke ring beneath a well constructed black bark.  Near perfect tenderness.  Full intense smoke so bring the Rolaids. They use a sweet white mercato wine sauce as a mop. It gives this brisket a unique flavor unlike I have tasted anywhere.  There was a slight bitter after taste from either the charred sugar from the mop or too much smoke.  If they could get this balance corrected it would be a slice to rave about.  Serious flavor in this brisket.  No sauce needed.

Ribs:  Good.  A big meaty spare rib. A little past tender and little dry.  A great smokey bark with same mop flavors and sugar coated rub seasoning.  Full smoke flavor but not as intense.  A lot flavor packed into a big meaty rib.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Very Good.  They serve a beef and a venison link.  Both are equally delicious.  Moist, bold traditional spice with beef and venison flavors.  A nice peppery aftertaste.  Very juicy so have a napkin handy or you have grease running down you face.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Excellent.  This is not a traditional BBQ sauce and very unique.  This wine sauce had strong ginger and herb flavors.  It worked well with all the meats and gave every bite a rush of flavor.  Get it on the side, dip and enjoy.


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