Backyard Smokehouse

1/30/14 11:41am - This is an American fare restaurant that also serves BBQ.  The previous tenant was a restaurant that served steaks and barbecue.  The kitchen may have come equipped with a gas fired commercial smoker for the new tenant.  So why not add barbecue to the menu along with 58 other items?  The owner has chosen image over substance.  The restaurant is clearly not presented as a traditional BBQ joint but it does borrow the image of one.  The menu section for BBQ is labeled "From the Pit".  The entrees are individually named with predetermined meat choices.  For example you cannot order a 3 meat plate, but you can order an overprice entree called "The Defender".  Image over substance.

I scored Backyard Smokehouse a 65 out of 100.  This is Bum Steer BBQ.


Smoke:  Pecan/cherry.  Not a stick in site is a bad sign.  There is no smoke stack.  I did see an exhaust vent typically used for gas ovens.  No wood fired BBQ here.  No doubt, its a gasser.  There is a trailer mounted steel barrel smoker taking up valuable parking space.  No licence plate and a 1/8in of dust inside, so its obviously for show.  Image over substance. 

Brisket:  Good.  Smoke Ring nearly invisible but I measured it at 1/16in  Tested tough of tender.  Had a nice rub.  Mild smoke.  Use a knife and use the sauce.

Ribs: Poor.  Baby back ribs served "wet".  They were chewy tough and cooked too fast.  A salt bomb rub beneath a pasty dried out sauce.  Smoke or burnt, I couldn't tell.  Use the sauce or skip all together.

Sausage:  Good.  A course ground pork 6in link with bold traditional spice and strong pepper aftertaste.  Its split and thrown on the grill.  I liked the grill marks but it dried out the link.  It had mild smoke flavor.  Best item on the plate.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Good.  A commercial grade purchased sauce with restaurant label.  Kansas City style sweet and tangy.  Ketchup based with brown sugar and vinegar.  There is no attempt to hide this purchased product.  Image over substance.  Use it on everything.

You cannot be half hearted when it comes to Texas Barbecue. Even with a commercial gas oven some skill and TLC is still required.  This concept could not exist without a gas fired commercial smoker.  Another reason to hate gasser BBQ.
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