Post Oak Ranch BBQ

2/20/14 11:57 - What a find, an authentic Texas BBQ joint! Don't know how long this place has been smoking 'que, but carbon dating suggests since the 1970's. Its doubtful they have ever spent one dollar in renovations. This only adds to the charm, when you park and walk through the door you fell like you are in an Urban Cowboy movie. An awful rock masonry facade with window AC units, tin roof, faded overhead sign, and busted up parking lot. There is an ancient long forgotten dusty beer can collection inside. For Pete's Sake, they have a velvet painting of Clint Eastwood from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Vintage! Love this place.

I scored Post Oak Ranch an 83 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ.  It restored my hope in Houston, Tx barbecue.

Smoke: Hickory. Wood fired BBQ in an ancient Black Olyer. I love how the smoke stack in the back is rusted and leaning to point its looks like it will fall over. The staff described the smoker as "one of those old style pits with the racks that turn around".

Brisket: Good. A 1/4in smoke ring beneath a beautiful thick black bark. I got the lean cut and it tested dry of tender.  It had good smoke flavor and could not detect any rub seasoning. It started dry and finished dryer. Use the sauce.

While I was waiting on a picture of the pit, the manager cut me a slice of fatty brisket. Oh Mah Gah, that was so good but it was too late to score. If you go you must request the fatty slices. No sauce needed.  I will have to come back for an updated score based on that slice.

Ribs: Very Good. Near perfect tender big meaty spare rib. Nice rosy pink smoke ring beneath a thick bark. They are glazed with the BBQ sauce so they are slightly wet which makes for good finger licking. Smokey and delicious. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Very Good. A course ground beef link with bold traditional spice and strong peppery after taste. Casing was smokey and snappy. After eating truck loads of grocery store quality links, this was a nice treat. No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A simple thin super tangy red tomato vinegar sauce with great flavor.  This sauce works well to add flavor to the meat but not mask the smokey goodness.  Don't forget to get it on the side, but if you forget so what!

They offer a beef rib, but I'll have to come back that also.  Maybe one of my fellow meatheads can review.
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