Stockyard Saloon

3/1/14 2:00pm World Championship BBQ Cookoff - This is the 3rd year for Stockyard Saloon.  It is hosted by the Steer Auction Committee.  This is my rookie year on the committee.  The Chairman Sam Ayers has put together a first class booth. Overhead are three elk horn chandeliers, underfoot is a decked and carpeted floor and real auction steer hides adorn the walls and tables.  The cook team might as well be professional caterers not only serving up fabulous Texas BBQ but also steak and quail. Three full time bartenders keep the spirits flowing.  This years live entertainment was none other than country artists Rick Trevino and Dough Supernaw.  Stockyard Saloon is a real first class experience.  My wife is now spoiled and I can no longer take her to any of my friends booths.
I scored Stockyard Saloon a 93 out of 100. This is Grand Champion Texas BBQ

Smoke: Post Oak dry and seasoned.  A monster goose neck trailer mounted black steel barrel mounted smoker with a fire box as big as a refrigerator.  A primal sight for these eyes.

Brisket:  Superior Excellent.  A big bright red 3/8 inch smoke ring beneath a black crust.  That is a rare sight. The slice tested perfect tender, very moist and fat render to silky goodness.  No knife needed.  Bold smoke flavor and a great seasoned rub.  With willful purpose, I was on the serving line the day they submitted their meats for the contest.  I made sure to hand pick out the burnt ends for myself.  No sauce needed at all.

Ribs:  Excellent.  Large meaty spare ribs cooked to fall off the bone perfection.  So tender and moist, most bites were as soft as cake.  A delightful rub really made these ribs stand out.  I am sure its well guarded secret so why ask.  Rosy pink and full smoke flavor.  They did not last long.  They went so fast, I have no picture of them.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Good.  Small 6 inch link course ground pork sausage with mild traditional spice and a faint after taste.  Casing was snappy and smokey.  They were a little greasy for me.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A thick ketchupy sweet sauce with chunks of onions.  Lots of flavor and was good by the spoonful.  This stuff could make the asphalt taste better.  So not needed and hated to see so many patrons drown their meats.  Get on the side people!