Country Bumpkins

3/7/14 11:39am - You know how I complain that Houston is a BBQ desert.  Well Northwest Houston/ Harris county literally is a BBQ desert.  Good luck finding a BBQ lunch without driving 10 miles.  And good luck finding real pit BBQ.  Good news, I just found the oasis.  A Ma and Pop joint serving great barbecue and burgers with a lot of charm and a smile.  Everyone was so friendly I thought it was Sunday morning instead of Friday afternoon.

I scored Country Bumpkins a 78 out of 100.  This is regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke: Oak.  A double secret steel barrel pit for real slow smoke wood fired BBQ.  I say double secret because I was denied a picture.  But I did spy a screened in smoke house in the back.  Maybe after reading my post they'll send me a picture so I can testify and share the real pit glory.

Brisket:  Good.  A great seasoned bark over a 1/8 in smoke ring.  It tested tough of tender but had great smoke flavor.  Sliced with the fat cap so you get a little indulgence of the smokey goodness.  No sauce needed.

Ribs:  Fair.  This rib had all the markings a great spare rib but it was little tough.  The seasoned rub was flavorful and it had great smoke flavor.  However, the bite required tearing and left a dirty bone.  No sauce needed but a toothpick is a must.

Sausage:  Good.  A fine ground pork link with mild traditional seasoning and little aftertaste.  Good smoke and tight casing.  A little greasy.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Good.  A simple tangy thick tomato and vinegar sauce.

PS: They have a great line up of burgers like their Bumpkin burger and Ring of Fire. They also serve brisket tacos.  They have hand cut fries and homemade peach cobbler.  The only thing missing is cold beer.

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