Austin's BBQ & Catering

10/19/13 12:48pm - Is there legendary Texas Barbeque close to Houston?  Let me tell you about Austin's.  Did you know only 60 miles from Houston is a joint that has made Texas Monthly top 50 for the last four issues since 1997?  That puts Austin's in the same stratosphere as Louie Mueller, City Market, and Cooper's.  For over 16 years this joint has been quietly producing top 50 quality Texas BBQ.  EPIC!

I scored Austin's a 91 out of 100.  Legendary Grand Champion Texas BBQ (and so close to Houston)

Smoke:  Pecan.  They roll out the two big steel smoke monsters every Thursday through Sunday right out of the former gas station garage doors.  The pecan smoke aroma reaches all the way to heaven.  God must love Texas BBQ.

Brisket:  Very Good.  An off the chart 3/8in smoke ring beneath a thin bark. Tested tough of tender but ate so tender. The pecan smokey goodness penetrated every bite.  A great peppery rub with semi rendered fat sent this slice of brisket to flavor hall of fame.  Pecan is by far my most favorite smoke flavor.  When done right it is like nothing you have ever experienced.  You will think about this slice for days.  No sauce needed at all.

Ribs:  Excellent.  Perfect tenderness, soft bite, clean bone.  No teeth needed for these ribs.  Pecan smokey goodness with a black peppery rub made every porky salty bite better than the last. No sauce needed at all.

Sausage:  Very Good.  A handmade course ground pork/beef sausage with traditional spice and bold black pepper flavor.  A nice peppery after taste. Little to no grease and snappy casing.  Very enjoyable and fresh link.  No sauce needed at all.

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Sauce:  Good.  This joint is notorious for smothering their great barbeque with their average OK sauce.  Get the sauce on the side.  Its a thin tangy tomato sauce and not much more.

PS:  There is no indoor dining area.  You walk in only to place your order. There are few picnic tables under cover outside.  Get it to go or go during the cooler months.