Black's Barbecue

9/6/13 & 9/29/13 - On our way to Uvalde for dove hunting Rick & I, decided to take a BBQ detour.  I was shocked when my research revealed that Black's has only made Texas Monthly Top 50 twice: 1997 and 2013.  Heck it didn't even get "honorable mention" in 2003 or 2008.  Who would have thunk it?  I had never set foot in Lockhart until this year.  Its hard to imagine there was ever a time this joint was not top 50 quality.  The same family has been smoking since 1932.

I scored Black's a 92 out of 100.  This is Grand Champion Texas BBQ and I don't care what TM thinks.

Smoke:  Oak.  Real brick pits built in the late 1940's after WWII by Edgar Black Sr.  There is a wooden screen door in the pit room that lines up with the fire box.  It has remained open 24/7, rain or shine since then because it provides the only draft for the fire.  It is truly is a sanctuary of smoke.  According to TM there is a Southern Pride hidden somewhere.  The 2013 edition mentions the briskets spend their first 8 hrs in the gasser and their last 4 hrs in the pit.  Blasphemy!

Brisket:  Excellent.  A masterpiece of perfection.  A 1/4in smoke ring beneath a thick black bark.  Perfect no fork needed fall apart tenderness.  The slice was thick and  succulent. Full smoke flavor infused into every bite.  From the first to the last bite, moist and silky. No sauce needed at all.

Ribs: Good.  A little disappointed in the ribs.  I was expecting so much more.  These ribs are just OK.  Nothing to rave about.  Tough of tender with a little tearing of the bark but clean bone. No noticeable rub.  Smoke and pork are the only flavor.  Use the sauce.

Sausage:  Very Good.  Fresh hand made Central Texas link.  Loose packed beef sausage with simple garlic and smoke flavor.  No bold flavor but very fresh.  No after taste and the casing was a little tough.  No sauce needed.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A classic Kansas City style thick tangy semi sweet sauce.  It is bold in flavor and gives every bite a little snap.  Be careful, the BBQ is so good you might forget to use it.

Not part of score but worth the write up:
Beef Rib:  Excellent.  Fred Flinstone would be proud with this 1 1/2 lb hunk of beef on a bone.  Tender, succulant, big smoke ring, moist, silky bold beef flavor.  Its so much better than brisket!  Beef Ribs like this, take Texas BBQ to a whole other level.  Its hard to argue Texas serves the best BBQ in the America but Beef Ribs makes Texas BBQ the best in the Galaxy.  No sauce needed.  Others joints around Texas are adding Beef Ribs to their menu.  I hope it spreads like wild fire.
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