Big Daddy's BBQ

8/30/13 11:50am - Is it considered community service for me to eat such bad BBQ so you don't have to?  I have had some bad 'que in my day but this was a new low. 

I scored Big Daddy's BBQ a 61 out 100.  This is some serious Bum Steer BBQ.

Smoke:  No sign of a smoker or a stick of wood. I could not see a visible gasser.  I wonder if they even cook onsite. I drove behind the strip center and could only identify the walk in freezer.  I ask the server what kind of wood they use, he shrugs his shoulders and replies. "Mesquite, I think". 

Brisket:  Poor.  No smoke ring, nada.  Thin bitter bark. Overcooked and crumble dry.  The brisket slices literally disintegrated into chop beef on the plate. Very little smoke.  It tasted like overcooked dried out roast beef.  Use the sauce or skip altogether.

Ribs:  Poor.  The server reach for a rack out of the warmer.  It was wrapped in clear plastic.  He cut right through the plastic for my serving.  Picked up the plastic end and dumped my ribs on the cutting board. The expression "fall off the bone" is not always a good thing.  These ribs left no doubt, overcooked to the point they fell apart like pulled pork. Now I get the plastic wrap; it was the only thing that kept these ribs together.  Flavor none.  Smoke none.  It was dry pork.  Use the sauce or skip altogether.

Sausage:  Good.  Your typical pork course ground sausage with mild tradition spice and little after taster.  No smoke.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A thick dark tomato vinegar sauce sweeten by molasses and honey.  Kansas City style sauce.  This stuff could make anything taste good.  Drown the whole plate in the stuff