Goode Co. Texas Bar-B-Q

10/17/13 11:29am - WARNING! "Get sauce on the side!!!". This warning should be displayed as you order your mesquite wood fired BBQ and then watch them ruin it by pouring their strange sauce over the top. This location is the original joint that received Texas Monthly Top 50 ranking in 1997 & 2003 and was the pride of Houston for many years. One can conclude that the quality of Texas BBQ has been elevated statewide over the last decade because it is doubtful this BBQ tasted any different than it did 10 - 16 years ago. Elevate your craft or get left behind. It is no longer top 50 quality anymore.

I scored Goode Co. a 84 out of 100. Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ

Smoke: Mesquite. A well used black Olyer wood fire pit in plain site with snow shovel next to fire box.


Brisket: Good. An impressive 5/16in smoke ring beneath a paper thin bark. Snap apart tenderness, no knife needed. Good smoke flavor in each bite but finished a little dry. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. A straight forward St Louis cut spare rib. A little tearing but clean bone tender rib. Good smoke and pork flavor. A faint rub added little flavor. Use the sauce.

Sausage: Good. A typical course ground beef/pork sausage rib with mild traditional spice flavor and even milder after taste. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Good. I was pleasantly surprised. This sauce was not as bitter as it has been in the past. It was a tangy tomato soupy sauce with drippings and bits. This time it had a subtle sweetness I have never noticed. I wonder if this sauce can easily burn and that explains why it mostly comes off as bitter and burnt. It is definitely a hit or miss sauce so GET IT ON THE SIDE!

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