Hickory Hollow Restaurant

9/4/13 11:03am - I am convinced that all you need to run a successful BBQ business in Houston is a Southern Pride gas oven and a good sauce to cover up your average barbeque.  You do not have to drive far in this town to sample this mediocre BBQ.

I scored Hickory Hollow a 78 out of 100.  This is Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke:  Hickory.  Southern Pride gasser.

Brisket:  Good (yawn).  1/8in standard gasser smoke ring.  Paper thin bark.  Pull apart tender.  Little smoke.  Little flavor.  Use the sauce.

Ribs:  Very Good.  A large meaty spare rib.  Near perfect tenderness.  Nice rub.  Strong pork and salty flavor and smoke flavor.  Not bad for a gasser.  No sauce needed.

Sausage:  Good.  A fine ground pork sausage with bacon and salt flavor.  Little spice or aftertaste.  Casing was a little tough.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Very Good.  A tangy tomato vinegar thick sauce with lemon flavors.  Not too sweet.  A perfect sauce to cover up some mediocre 'que.  Don't get it on the side, drown the whole plate in it.

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