Barebque Nonsense

My wife calls it Barbeque Nonsense.

Growing up in Abilene, Tx eating at Joe Allen's BBQ formed my love for mesquite smoked Texas Barbecue.  My love of eating Texas BBQ turned into a passion after my best friend gave me his well used New Braunfels Smoker back in 2009.

The smoker was an upright rectangle box an a offset fire box. Made out of thin gauge steel.  It was very inefficient.  It took 20 pounds of charcoal to cook my first brisket.  I had the hardest time keeping the temp in the smoker above 200 degrees.

My first brisket was 9 hours of hard work but the results were perfect and my love of eating barbeque transformed into a passion of smoking. 

After my first brisket, I began experimenting with other meats.  I even created my own sauces and rubs.  Started to develop my own recipes for pinto beans and potato salad.  I dubbed my ribs as Meat Candy and began to share with friends and family.