Jimee's Bar-B-Q

8/14/13 12:10pm - Was hoping to find wood fired magic but ran into my old enemy Southern Pride.  The couple that runs this joint are adorable.  I don't score customer service, but if I did, this place would get 5 stars.  Its outside dining but there is plenty of shade and big fan.  Not sure if this was a garage that serves BBQ or BBQ joint that fixes or stores RV's and trucks.

I scored Jimee's a 73 out 100.  This is Regional Texas BBQ with some serious Texas attitude.  I loved all the drift wood and deer antlers.  There was plenty of old school Coka-Cola memorabilia.

Smoke: Hickory.  Southern Pride gasser sticking out of the trailer/kitchen in the back.  I appreciated the owner's honesty.  He referred to his Southern Pride as an "oven" and not a pit.  No false advertising here.  You know what your getting.

Brisket:  Good.  An impressive bright red 1/4in smoke ring.  Not bad for a gasser.  The slices tested tough of tender.  Thin bark, no detectable rub, mild smoke.  Flavor was mostly roast beef.  There was some mild smoke flavor in the fatty parts.  Use the sauce.

Ribs:  Good.  They are served wet.  They were tough of tender, with little tearing and dirty bone.  A great salt brine pork flavor mixed with the finishing sauce.  They were simple and pleasant.  I ate all three of the ribs.  Can't tell you to use the sauce because you don't have a choice.

Sausage: Good.  A pork maybe beef course ground sausage with mild traditional spice and very little after taste.  Casing was a little tough.  Use the sauce.

Sauce:  Good.  A simple tomato vinegar based sauce with onion flavors.  Not a bold or flashy sauce.  Just a simple sauce that does its job.  It worked well with the meats.  You have to ask for sauce on the side or you will get everything drowned in sauce.  Don't bother, just get it drowned in sauce.