Lyfe Tyme Pit upgrade!

Christmas came in May 2013!

Sun, rain, sprinkler system and too much use finally caught up with the free New Braunfels Smoker.  After four years I am confident I got my money's worth.

The rust was so bad two of the legs popped off as I dragged it out of the backyard.  There use to be a tray at the bottom but it literally broke apart and left a trail of rusted metal to the back of the garage.
Good buy old friend, I wont miss you because I heading to D&S Lawn & Automotive in Tomball, Tx to pick up my brand new 300lb Lyfe Tyme Pit!

I finally graduated from a novice backyard smoker to a...well I'm still a novice, but I have now have some serious equipment!

I will now sharpen my skills with a real wood for heat source and smoke.  I feel so grown up.