Texas Pit Stop BBQ

8/23/13 1:42pm - What a find! On my way to Galveston for a fishing tournament, I wanted to try out this joint. Previously this summer I nearly broke my neck driving up the Gulf Freeway tyring to look backwards when I spotted the stacks of wood in the back. I did a little research. The roots of the joint stems from competition. The owner Arnold Garza was head cook for the Los Vaqueros cook team. Judging by all the trophies on display, Los Vaqueros did very well. They opened in 2011.

I scored Texas Pit Stop BBQ a 92 out of 100. This is Grand Champion Texas BBQ. Viva Los Vaqueros!

Smoke: Hickory, stacks and stacks of hickory. Two big black wood fired Olyers located behind the restaurant. Houston, we have wood fired bbq.

Brisket: EXCELLENT! Words come up short to describe the brisket, but I will do my best. A great big bright red 5/16in smoke ring underneath a rich thick black bark. Perfect pull apart tenderness. A fork pushed through it like butter. Bark had rub and full smoke flavor. Fat and meat were silky and smokey. No sauce needed at all, don't do it! Folks people stand in line for hours (yours truely) to eat brisket like this.

Ribs: Good. Tender but not tough of tender thin St Louis ribs. First thing you notice is the red glaze. It looks as sweet as it tastes. A glaze done with perfection; you will lick your fingers. Decent smoke but but the glaze is the what makes this ribs stand out. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Very Good. A great traditional spice beef sausage with great after taste. Big and thick slices. Casing was snappy. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Good. A traditional thick dark red sweet tangy Kansas City style bbq sauce. They serve a spicy sauce but it was more tangy than spicy.

This barbeque was so good I forgot to take a picture of it.  Got this one off the internet.
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