Father's Day 2013

6/16/13 Fathers Day

When the family asked what I wanted for Fathers day I said wanted fire up the Smoke Monster of course.

Wife likes Baby backs.  I have some wild turkey breast in the freezer.  Hate to waste all that wood on one puny rack of baby backs.  So what the heck, lets smoke a wild turkey breast and see what happens!  That cow patty on the left is the turkey breast.

Ribs:  Good.  Bloggin is easier than smokin.  These ribs were border line tough of tender.  A little tearing and slight dirty bone.  Overall flavor was really good but smoke was too intense.  Wife made some comments.  No sauce needed.

Ribs hit 193F after 4.5 hours.  I left on for another 30 minutes.  Average smoker temp was 250.2.  Used 1.5 chimneys of charcoal and 7 sticks of hickory.

The turkey breast was the biggest surprise.  Pulled the breast off when temp hit 162F after 4.25 hours.  Wild turkey is extremely lean.  So lean that it can get real tough if overcooked.  I always fear gamy flavor so i marinated it in vinegar and lime overnight.  I used lime because we didn't have any lemons.  As expected the thinner portions were tough as leather and were discarded.  The big meaty parts were very tasty but a little dry which was expected.  You could taste the lime which made it even more interesting.  Smoke was really good.  I chopped up the turkey and mixed it with store bought BBQ sauce and had excellent chopped turkey sandwiches all week.  Heck even the wife liked it.  It was so stupid simple I don't think I eat wild turkey any other way.