First Lyfe Tyme Pit Brisket

May 27, 2013.

Brisket: Fair.  Bloggin is easier than smokin.  It had a 5/16in smoke ring! Thank you very much.  Tested Chewy tough.  Could not pull apart the slice.  A knife was needed.  Full mesquite smoke flavor.  Use the sauce.

It took 12 hours for this 10 pound brisket to reach an internal temp of 194F.   Average smoker temperature was 245.6.  Not sure how I blew it on tenderness.   This was one tough piece of beef.  The collagen never really melted away. It hit 160F after 4 hours whcih is when collegen begins to melt.  Internal temp climbed slow and steady.  I really did not witness a stall. When I purchased the brisket I failed to do the bend test.  The bend test is you take the brisket and try to bend it so both ends touch.  If it resists then its too tough. Will not make that mistake again.