529 BBQ & Catering

2/22/2013 11:34am - Words can not describe how awesome the ribs are. Wow, I rarely get to eat ribs this good. Great value too, $9.99 for 3 meat plate!

I scored 529 BBQ an 81 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: I spotted a stack of pecan or hickory. On-line menu lists mesquite. Tasted like pecan, so I'll stick with pecan. 1/8in smoke ring and the rotisserie is right behind the counter. Why hide it?

Brisket: Good. Snap apart tender and good smoke flavor. No rub detected. Overall flavor was smoke and beef; there is nothing wrong with that. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Excellent. Soft clean bite and clean bone. Nearly perfect tenderness, soft as cake. You do not need teeth to eat these ribs. A subtle sweetness, subtle spice and good smoke aroma. So glad they gave me three. No sauce needed at all!

Sausage: Fair. Coarse ground pork/beef link with traditional spice and slight aftertaste. Little grease, which I prefer. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Very Good. Bottle it and drink it. A thin vinegar based sauce with good spice and smokiness. No too sweet and served warm. Took flavor to hole-nutha-level. Get it on the side but use it with every bite.