Virgie's Bar-B-Que


It made the top fifty in Texas Monthly back in 2008. It was one out of two listed in Houston and for good reason.

I scored this place a 94 out of 100. This is grand champion Texas Barbecue.
Smoke is oak and pecan. Real pit barbecue in Houston!

Brisket: Excellent. Only a 1/4in smoke ring. Very tender and moist. No knife needed. Flavor and smoke start out mild but come on strong and finish intense. No sauce needed.

Ribs: Excellent. Very tender. Soft crust, clean bite, fall off bone. Perfect balance of flavor and smoke. Starts out mild and finishes mild. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Good. Overall flavor was average but had great spicy after taste. Too much grease. Use the sauce.

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