Brook's Place

5/16/13 12:45pm - Congrats on making Texas Monthly top 50! They got it right. Where ever you are you are not too far. It is worth the drive. So glad Houston has another Top 50.

I scored Blake's Place 92 out of 100. This is Grand Champion Texas BBQ.

Smoke: A mobile oak stack in the back of owner's pickup. A big old black steel barrel REAL PIT! Its an ancient smoke monster.

Brisket: Very Good. Border line excellent. A 1/4 to 5/16 inch smoke ring. Rich black charred bark. Snap apart tender, fork tender. Full intense sweet oak flavor. Flavor is over the top, no sauce needed at all.

Ribs: Very Good. I love me some baby backs. Cake soft tender in the middle and little tearing at the ends. A rosy red smoke ring. Good smoke flavor. A nice subtle subtle sweetness that will make you scratch your head, is it the smoke? No sauce needed at all.

Sausage: Excellent. A big strong traditional spice coarse ground pork/beef sausage. A strong after taste will keep you licking your lips and stuffing your face. Little grease. No sauce needed at all.

Sauce: Very Good. My first thought is What is that flavor? I know that flavor! What is it?!? its Cinnamon. Crazy good and completely different sauce. A tangy sweet with lemon and apple cider sauce. It complemented the ribs more than the brisket or sausage. Get it on the side and enjoy its flavor boost.
PS: There is only one picnic table, so get it to go. its not a food truck, its a goose neck trailer.
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