Harris County Smokehouse & Cafe

1/16/2013 12:17 pm - When I have the craving for barbecue, this place has consistently delivered. I know its rotisserie, I don't prefer rotisserie, I understand the logistics of rotisserie BUT if you go rotisserie this should be the end result. They do rotisserie right.

I scored it a 78 out of 100. This is Real Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: Don't know but they got it. No visible stacks and standard 1/8in smoke ring are sure signs of rotisserie. I would guess hickory or oak.

Brisket: Good. Snap apart tender. Mild smoke flavor but it had it which seems to be too much to ask for in rotisserie joints. Overall flavor was simple, a little smoke and beef. I could not detect any rub seasoning. The beef flavor was so noticeable that I suspected they may select a higher grade of brisket than Select grade. No sauce needed.

Ribs: Good. A little tough of tender and not quite fall off the bone. They were finished with barbecue sauce slightly mopped over them and served a little "wet". They were somewhere in between the "wet" vs "dry" rib debate. Overall flavor was good and there was a nice mild smoke. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Good. A course ground pork sausage with strong spice and good aftertaste, plump & juicy. I prefer a little less fat. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Great. My very first thought was tomato soup. It even looked like homemade tomato soup. Strong tomato base, buttery with mild vinegar flavor. It enhanced the flavor of all meats. Once you started using it you used with every bite.

Potato salad deserves a shout out. Could not stop eating this side until it was gone.
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