Burn's Bar-B-Q & Catering

6/22/2012 Correction

11/18/12 Correction: The Shepard location is not the location listed in the June 2008 issue of Texas monthly. The 8307 Depriest location is the one that made the TM top Fifty. The TM website however shows the picture and address of the Shepard location. I have heard from a fellow yelper and the owner on this matter.

I cannot believe this place made Texas Monthly top 50 for 2008. The next issue should come out next year. I will be curious if it makes the top 50 again.

I gave it a score of 69 out of possible 100. Bum Steer Barbecue.

Smoke: Oak, but you wouldn't know it. They use a real pit according to Texas Monthly but I would not be surprised if they switched to rotisserie.

Brisket: Poor. Very disappointed. There was no smoke ring! Nada! Tough and barely any smoke flavor. It was roast beef not barbecue. Use plenty of sauce or skip all together.

Pork Ribs: Good. Very good to excellent. The only thing that keeps the doors open. They were very tender and smoke flavor was faint but overall was very good. Sauce needed.

Hot Links: Great. Spicy and best item on the menu. Flavor explosion and after taste left you licking your lips for more. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Excellent. Tangy and a little sweet. Bottle it and drink it. Its that good. A good thing since everything here needs sauce.
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