Thomas Bar-B-Que

4/18/13 11:35 am - Their business card says it all "It's pretty good". At least you know what to expect.

I scored Thomas Bar-B-Q a 69 out 100. This is Bum Steer BBQ. Sausage hurt score.

Smoke: Don't know. Don't matter. Southern Pride gas oven in plain site.

Brisket: Good. Impressive 5/16in smoke ring. Not bad for gas oven. Tough of tender. Mild smoke flavor but at least it had some. No detectable rub. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. Tough of tender. Slight tearing and dirty bone. Overall flavor was "pretty good". Good smoke flavor. No detectable rub. Use the sauce.

Sausage: Poor. One word describes this sausage: BOLOGNA. It was pure pork, grease and salt. No spice flavor. No after taste. I was looking for the Oscar Myer label. Sauce could not even save this stuff. Skip all together.

Sauce: Very Good. Just goes to show, a great sauce can cover up a multitude of sins. Overall flavor was pleasant enough that you could spoon it like soup. It was a vinegar tangy, tomato base, Chile powder spice, with lemon flavors. Don't get it on the side, drown the whole plate.

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