Old Hickory Inn Barbeque

2/27/13 11:14am - Maybe their other two locations serve better barbecue.

I scored Old Hickory Inn a 65 out 100. This is Bum Steer barbecue.

Smoke: Hickory. The Southern Pride rotisserie is right behind the counter in its full glory. Why hide it?

Brisket: Good. 1/8in standard rotisserie smoke ring. Snap apart tender. No knife needed. There was a decent smoke aroma and flavor. No rub detected. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Poor. They reminded me of some amateur backyard disaster. You know where you have to lie to your friend on how great his ribs are to protect his ego. They were teeny tiny 3in long ribs. Either baby ribs or they are so cheap they cut the rack in half. They were burnt. They were dry and overdone. Worst I have had in long time. Use the sauce or skip all together.

Sausage: Good. Course ground pork beef with strong traditional spice and long lasting after taste. A little greasy. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Fair. Bring you own. My first thought was this is tomato soup, not barbecue sauce. It ruined an already bad plate of barbecue. Skip all together. Too bad because everything here needs sauce.
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