Aunt Pookies BBQ & Hamburgers


Typical Houston rotisserie BBQ. Tasted like the last 20 BBQ Houston lunches I've had.

I scored this place a 73 out of 100. Real Texas Barbecue

As most places within City, rotisserie smoked BBQ. Wood stacks looked like mesquite and pecan.

Brisket: Fair. Was on tough side of tender and average overall flavor. Very mild smoke and aroma. If you are not going to use a rub then the smoke flavor needs to be more robust. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. Were very tender with clean bite off the bone. Overall flavor was average. Mopped with BBQ sauce and no rub. Very mild smoke and aroma. Use the sauce.

Sausage: Excellent. Was the best item on the plate. A course ground, right amount of fat, robust flavor and nice black pepper after taste. Once I started eating the sausage I did not stop until it was all gone. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Fair. It was interesting. It was not your typical sweet sauce and had a nice mild bitterness. Vinegar base, smokey, and chili powder. I liked it very much but it was a little overpowering so use it sparingly. Even though the brisket needs the sauce, don't drown it in this sauce.
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