Brookstreet Bar-B-Que

3/19/2013 11:28am - If you live or work in the Westchase district and crave BBQ, this will satisfy. You can get this plate of barbecue anywhere in Houston, so don't drive pass your favorite joint to try this one.

I scored Brookstreet a 76 out 100. This is Regional Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: I have a bigger stack of firewood for my fireplace than they do for BBQ. Its Hickory and the stack is indoors (a first). The Southern Pride rotisseries are right behind the counter. Why hide it. No mystery here. At least you know what your are getting.

Brisket: Good. 1/8in bright red smoke ring. Paper thin black bark. Tender, no knife needed. Just straight beef flavor, no smoke. A very pretty pretty slice of roast beef. Use the sauce. So sad even my burnt end needed sauce.

Ribs: Good. A little tough of tender. They are finished with the sauce and I could detect a rub. Overall flavor was good, no sauce needed but a little more smoke could of helped.

Sausage: Good. Casing was tough which is so annoying. Pork sausage, traditional spice, mild after taste, little greasy. Grocery store quality. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Good. Thin tomato, molasses, vinegar based sauce. It does the job, because everything here needs sauce. Drown it all in the sauce.

PS: After paying $13.95 for three meat plate, I did not appreciate the texas toast added to the weight scale before they wieghed my barbecue.
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