Mo's Bar-B-Q

6/19/13 12:28pm - Its Juneteenth and that means BBQ is on the menu. I was near the humble area for a meeting so I scoped out this place on yelp.

I scored Mo's a 77 out of 100. This is Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke: ???? who knows. No visible stacks, no listing on menu or website. Suspicious. The smokers are on the side. I could not make out the manufacture. They had the suspicious exhaust vents. Hidden from view inside. I am guessing these are gassers. Evidence leans to gas fired rotisserie.

Brisket: Good. They got the tenderness right but most gassers do. Little smoke, no rub just beef flavor. You don't have to drive out to humble to get this slice of roast beef. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Fair. They got the tenderness right but that is all. Remember when your mom used to make meatloaf and she spread ketchup over the top and came out of the oven a dry paste goop? Well they do the same with their ribs with the sauce. Ribs are finished "wet" with their sauce reduced to a paste goop. If they tasted great I would have scored them higher. Skip all together.

Sausage: Very Good. They one thing they purchase is the best thing on the plate. A great German sausage with bold traditional spice and nice after taste. Snappy casing. No sauce needed. I totally support BBQ joints buying Texas made sausage. I also support they proudly advertise where its made. Its good for Texas

Sauce: Good. A dark ketchup thick sweet and smokey sauce in the Kansas City style.
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