Cutten BBQ to Go

4/26/13 11:35am - Heading North on Cutten road to County Line, I swerved hard right when I saw this place. This place is a trip. First of all, is it a BBQ joint that fixes cars or a garage that serves BBQ? I thought the parking lot was full until I realized those were broken down junk cars. It only gets better. The whole staff looked like tatted up head bangers and bikers. Black Sabbath was blasting through the air. I started to have flashbacks of Head Bangers Ball back when they had music videos on MTV. These hard rockers are serving up some good 'cue at a great price. For $12 I had enough BBQ for three people.

I scored Cutten Bar-B-Que To Go an 82 out of 100. This is Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke: "We use Mesquite, Oak, and Hickory" Let me decode that. We use what is cheaper and available when we run out. Two big rusted steel pits bellowing out blue smoke in the back. This my friends is real primal pit BBQ.

Brisket: Very Good. I respectable 5/16in smoke ring. Full smoke flavor and a nice rub. A slight little sweetness that I could not detect but enjoyed very much. Tough of tender hurt the score but flavor was intense. No sauce needed but a knife is.

Ribs: Fair. Hurts me to write that but they were just too tough and that hurt the score. These ribs were full of smokey goodness and a rub that made you smile. Once again intense flavor but too chewy. No sauce needed but a box of toothpicks is recommended.

Sausage: Good. A nice tight packed pork sausage with mild traditional spice flavor and little after taste. The casing was good and smokey. Love the smoke. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Very Good. Finally something a little different. An apple cider vinegar buttery based sauce with lemon flavors. A subtle sweet citrus flavored sauce, one of a kind. It gave everything that extra boost of flavor.

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