Goode Company Barbeque

2/14/2013 11:32am - I don't know how Levi does it. He has managed to deliver real pit barbecue smoke and flavor without a real pit. If you do not know anything about Texas barbecue, Goode Company is a surefire recommendation to your out of town friends.

I scored Goode Co an 88 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Barbecue.

Smoke: Mesquite. Famous for his stacks of mesquite. However at this location the stacks are small and there are two rotisserie exhaust vents in the back. I have learned that the real smoking and cooking is done off site at some double secret "commissary" and its delivered out here and finished. 5/16 in smoke ring and full smoke flavor are dead ringers for real pit barbecue but there is NO PIT! A total mystery (solved). I am aware of custom made rotisseries where wood is the only heat source (The Olyer). If that is the case here (it is, Olyer lists as client) , then this is real pit barbecue. However, it would take a forest to supply all three locations everyday. Just don't know how Levi does it.(now I do)

Brisket: Excellent. A respectable 5/16in smoke ring with thin bark. Nearly perfect snap apart tender. No knife needed here. Full mesquite smoke flavor beefy goodness. Could not detect a rub. Levi Goode could be the Henry Ford of Texas barbecue. How can he deliver mass produced brisket this good?

Ribs: Excellent. Very tender with soft bite, clean bone and slight crust. Overall flavor is dominated by full mesquite smoke porky goodness with a slight rub. Can't put them down. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Very Good. Coarse ground pork/beef sausage with traditional spice flavor. A respectable peppery aftertaste. Little grease. Descent smoke aroma. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Good. Never been a fan of the sauce. It has a spaghetti sauce-like texture. Tomato base, butter, drippings, and smokey bits of barbecue. There is a noticeable bitterness to this sauce. It does not enhance the flavor of the barbecue so I usually quit using it half way through my meal. Use it sparingly and GET IT ON THE SIDE!!

The jalapeno cheese bread is a slice of heaven.

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