Longhorn Cattle Company Barbeque & Steak Restaurant

Traveled to Harlingen, so took the opportunity to score a 2008 Texas Monthly top fifty BBQ joint. It was packed for lunch so it is very popular with the locals.

I scored the BBQ 62 out of 100. Bum Steer BBQ. Not exactly top fifty quality.
Sorry locals, I call them like I see them.

Its real pit barbecue smoked with mesquite. They were cutting the wood right outside the window. I guess they use it to keep warm because they did not use it to smoke the barbecue I was served.

Brisket: Poor. 0 to 1/8in smoke ring. One thing I hate about table service is you do not see them cut the brisket. If I had seen them cut my brisket i would have thrown a fit. I was served the fatty slices. You serve me junk, I'll score your junk. No smoke, no rub, no flavor. It was half fat and half brisket. Sliced bacon has more meat. It was tender only because there was little beef. A huge disappointment. Use the sauce or skip all together.

Ribs: Fair. Overall flavor was average. Slightly sweeten by honey. Again no smoke flavor or aroma. A little dry, but tender. Bite was not clean as there was a little tearing. Use the sauce.
Sausage: Fair. Very greasy, no spice, no after taste. Pork and fat was the dominant flavors. It had a little smoke flavor. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Good. Tomato based vinegar sauce. Average flavor. Don't get sauce on the side. have them drown everything in sauce.

Its always a bad sign when you finish the sides before you finish the BBQ. The sides were wonderful and the pinto bean soup was the bomb.