Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q

5/24/13 11:49pm - I have noticed a lot of Yelpers use Rudy's as their baseline to compare other BBQ joints. I support that. Rudy's is all about the flavor. I have always been a Rudy's fan long before they started expanding all over Texas. My hunting buddy and I planned many a trip home making sure we passed through Leon Springs during lunch time. I am impressed how they have duplicated that experience everywhere.

I scored Rudy's an 89 out 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ

Smoke: Oak. Big stacks taking up precious parking space. This location had 3 big black Olyers. I snuck a peek behind the sheet metal fence and saw the blue smoke oozing out of the fire box.

Brisket: Good. A picture perfect piece of brisket. Rich thick black bark with bright red 1/4in smoke ring. A little tough of tender. A great rub and full smoke flavor and you forget you used a knife. No sauce needed at all.

Ribs: Good. A little touch of tender and slight dirty bone. Great peppery rub and good smoke flavor. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Excellent. This was the biggest surprise of all. I am always looking for something a little different and this hit the mark. Strong traditional spice with some awesome subtle nutty flavor. I could not tell what it was but it was sooo good. There was a hint of smoke and it had a great peppery after taste. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Excellent. I have to give Rudy's a perfect score because my own personal recipe was created to taste like Rudy's. This has always been my favorite sauce in Texas.

In a nutshell, Rudy's is all about flavor. Everything tastes great all by itself. If this is your standard of great Texas BBQ, you are right. And since they are popping
up all over the Lone Star, get use to phrases like "just as good as Rudy's", "better than Rudy's" and "not as good as Rudy's".

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