Pizzitola's Bar-B-Cue

4/10/13 - 11:44am REAL BRICK PITS IN HOUSTON! That's the headline for Pizzitola's. Met the owner and they were so kind to walk me back to show me the last brick pits in operation in Houston. An oasis in a pit desert. People drive out of town to get this kind of barbecue.

I scored Pizzitolas an 88 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas Barbecue. Border line Grand Champion. If the ribs had been more tender the score would easily gone over 90.

Smoke: Hickory. Real Brick pits. I spotted the smoke billing out of the stacks and was encouraged. Spotted the brick pits at the counter, and asked if they were still in operation. They proudly told me they are the last ones in Houston. For that alone they should get 5 star status.

Brisket: Excellent. 1/4in smoke ring. Snap apart tender, no knife needed. Rich crunchy black bark. A great black peppery rub that keep you licking your lips. Good smoke flavor, but was It will take a few days before this brisket leaves my memory. No sauce needed.

Ribs: Good. A little tough of Tender with little tearing and slight dirty bone. Great peppery rub, good bark and good smoke flavor. These are really good ribs and no sauce is needed.

Sausage: Very Good. A traditional pork/beef course ground sausage with strong traditional spice and great peppery after taste. Little grease. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Good. Tomato soupy based with strong lemon, butter and vinegar flavors. By itself its OK but it does the job its intended for and gives every bite a nice flavor boost.

The owner was so kind to offer me a sample of chicken, its not part of my score but worth review. It also has a nice peppery rub, good smoke, a little dry.
No sauce needed. I don't consider chicken traditional Texas BBQ but its always good business to have something on the menu for the womenfolk.

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