Vincek's Smokehouse

3/9/13 - 11:38am - Loaded up the family and headed to East Bernard, Tx to visit a two time Texas Monthly top fifty for 2003 & 2008. An excellent Texas Barbecue excursion.

I scored Vincek's a 82 out of 100. This is Regional Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: Pecan. Smokers hidden from view inside metal buildings in the back. Saw couple of smoke stacks one exhaust vent. Blue smoke was coming out of exhaust vent. Stack of wood was small but may not have been all of it. There are real pits but maybe a rotisserie also.

Brisket: Good. 1/4in smoke ring, nice black bark. Tested and ate tough of tender. There was a great salty rub spice and full smoke flavor. Brisket is worth the drive. Flavor was so intense. No sauce needed.

Ribs: Fair. Wow! what a disappointment. They were tough of tender with slight tearing and stiff. Flavor was just natural pork. Not a lot of smoke. Brisket had more seasoning than ribs. Who woulda thunk it? Use the sauce.

Sausage: Good. It was your average Czech sausage. Fresh, course ground pork with mild traditional spice and little after taste. Little grease. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Excellent! Best surprise of all. This sauce scored very high. A tomato, molasses, vinegar thick and little sweet with lemon flavors. This stuff could make shoe leather taste great. The place is a bakery too, so I dipped the home made bread in this sauce. Heaven! Heaven!

PS: I can understand why Texas Monthly has listed Vinceks two times. This is a little Texas treasure. Decor and service are not part of my score but I when you come across a place like this it must be part of the review. Vincek's is also a local butcher and bakery. We picked up a couple of NY strips, some jerky and a slim jim. That makes this place unique. It is also a local bakery with wonderful looking pecan pies, cookies and of course Kolaches. The place was packed for Saturday and everyone inside knew each other and greeted each other. It was like going to a small town church. If you are looking for day trip excursion, I would highly recommend Vinceks.
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