Pappas Bar-B-Q

6/7/13 11:54am - Franchise Texas BBQ for the low information masses. This is Pappas BBQ #19.

I scored Pappas a 78 out of 100. This is Regional Texas BBQ.

Smoke: Hickory. No secret here, the big black Olyers are proudly displayed behind the glass. Wood fired BBQ.

Brisket: Good. A big thick smoke ring on the edges and 1/4in thick in the middle. Great bark with rub. A little tough of tender but moist. I got a yummy burnt end. Good smoke and good flavor. No sauce needed. A good product for franchise BBQ.

Ribs: Good. Tough of tender, tearing and dirty bone. Sticky sweet and nice rub. Decent smoke. No sauce needed. Brown sugar hides a lot of sins No sauce needed.

Sausage: Good. Traditional spice fine ground pork sausage and mild after taste. A little greasy. Average. Average. Average. Use the sauce.

Original Sauce: Fair. A bitter burnt ancho chili based disaster. Who thinks this stuff is good? I wonder how many plates of decent BBQ they have ruined over the years by pouring this medicine over it. They have a sweet version which is same sauce with molasses. Two disasters to choose from. Skip it all together or bring
your own.

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