The Brisket House

4/30/13 11:48 - Not sure if this is good news or bad news. This is the best gas fired BBQ I have eaten. Hurts to admit it, but when held to a standard it scored very well. They pay close attention to everything on the menu.

I scored Brisket House an 88 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ. A first for gas fired BBQ.

Smoke: Oak & Pecan. Gas fired Southern Pride oven in full view and rubbing my nose in it. Unimpressive teeny tiny stack of wood in plain sight. There is a Houston Press article framed on the wall "Brisket Done Right". Wrong. Their brochure reads "..and a lot of TLC". Wrong. Setting the temp gage and hitting the on button before you go home for the night is not "brisket done right" or takes "a lot of TLC". The article should read Southern Pride gas oven done right.

Brisket(?): Very Good. Is it shoulder or brisket? It was sliced with the grain. Had a 1/4in smoke ring and a wet soft black bark. Snap apart tender, no knife needed. Spotted some foil wrap something in the warmer oven. Foil wrap would explain the moistness and soft wet bark. FULL intense smoke flavor. I detected a salt and pepper rub. Overall flavor was very good and no sauce is needed at all. I enjoyed this brisket very much. I can not believe I just wrote that; I hate you Southern Pride.

Ribs: Excellent. These ribs had everything I look for in a awesome 5 star pork rib. Near perfect tenderness, cake soft, clean bone. You do not need teeth to eat these ribs. A great rub that gives it that flavor boost. Full smoke flavor and rosy red interior. No sauce needed at all. My only complaint was they gave me two.

Sausage: Very Good. A pork fine ground sausage with strong traditional spice and nice peppery aftertaste. Very little grease. Could not detect any smoke flavor. No sauce needed at all.

Sauce: Excellent. I was pleasantly surprised with this sauce. I could detect a subtle Tabasco spiciness but not too much. It was a tomato based buttery with
molasses, lemon and Worcestershire flavors. Not needed so don't forget to try it.
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