Carl's Bar-B Que

12-10-12 12:00pm - Been eating at Carl's for years. It always satisfied my craving for barbecue. I was disappointed in the overall score but when measured against a standard, it came up short.

I scored Carls a 67 out of 100. Bum Steer Barbecue.

Smoke: Don't know. No stacks of wood visible to public. I am guessing oak. Judging by smoke ring, exhaust vent and no pit in sight, definitely rotisserie.

Brisket: Fair. The standard rotisserie 1/8in smoke ring. Was on the tough side of tender. It had smoke flavor but not full smoke. No rub detected. Overall flavor was average. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. Overall flavor is enhanced by generous brown sugar glaze. I could not smell or detect any smoke. It was on tough side of tender. I like sweet so no sauce needed.

Sausage: Good. Pork fine ground sausage with above average fat. Flavor was average and after taste was faint. No smoke flavor detected. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Fair. A little thick. Flavors included vinegar, lemon and maybe butter. Overall flavor was OK and it did little to enhance to flavor of the meats. Too bad because this BBQ needs some sauce.

Lack of smoke and OK sauce really hurt the score.
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