Tejas BBQ


Always wanted to try this place because the smoke out of the pits blows across US 77 when you drive through town.

I scored it an 84 out of 100. Reserve Grand Champion Texas Barbecue. The sauce and sausage is the only reason this place does not score in the high 90's. The brisket and ribs are 5 star.

Brisket: Excellent. The most tender brisket I have ever put in my mouth. I did not know brisket could be this tender. It was prime rib tender and very moist. Full mesquite smoke flavor. No sauce needed at all. It stayed moist to the last bite and never dried out. Outstanding. The brisket alone is worth the drive to Refugio. The rub was a little salty only because it was noticeable.

Ribs: Excellent. The ribs had full mesquite smoke flavor. Soft bark, clean bite with little tearing, and clean bone. They were just barely on the tough side of tender. No sauce was needed. I bet these ribs could push the total score over 90, I am sure that I just caught this pit master at the wrong hour.

Sausage: Fair. Fine grind, average flavor, average after taste, good smoke. Way too much grease. It may be Opas from Fredericksburg.

Sauce: Fair. Fortunately sauce is not needed for this awesome pit barbecue because this sauce was just ok. It was average in flavor and did not enhance the flavor of meats. It was also served cold out of the fridge. Disappointing.

Texas Monthly needs to make a trip to Refugio. This is definitely top 50 quality.