Buzzie's Bar-B-Q

12/16/12 11:00am - Coming home through Kerrville and made a stop at another 2008 Texas Monthly top fifty joint. There was lots of commotion getting ready for an evening celebration. Buzzie's was going to be featured on Pitmasters on the cable channel American Destinations. I got to meet Buzzie himself and this man knows his 'cue.

I scored Buzzie's an 81 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: Real pit barbecue smoked with oak. Buzzie knows wood. He selects and cuts his own Oak.

Brisket: Good. A little disappointed with brisket, I may have showed up too early (they unlocked the door for me) and on the wrong day. It only had 1/8in smoke ring and rich black bark. Brisket was tough of tender and needed a knife to cut. Great full smoke flavor, nice rub, and bark had a nice tab of smokey bitterness. Being the first customer of the day I got a burnt end, Bonus! No sauce needed but a toothpick definitely.

Ribs: Good. Once again I may have showed up too early and on the wrong day. Ribs were a little tough. Bite revealed a hard crust and tearing and bone was little dirty. Overall flavor enhanced by a rub and full smoke. No sauce needed.

Sausage: Excellent. Special made in Flatonia for Buzzie. A course ground pork sausage with great spice flavor. Bacon is used instead of fat so they were lean and little grease. The overall flavor was very good with nice spice and of course BACON! The after taste was mild but there. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Great. A thin fresh tomato vinegar based sauce with big onion flavor. Yummy. Overall flavor was great just by itself but did little to enhance the meats and kind of masked the great flavors.
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