Beef and Bun Barbecue

3/14/13 11:57am - With all the rave reviews I was hoping to find some great barbecue. I found typical Houston barbecue.

I scored Beef & Bun 72 out of 100 - This is Texas Barbecue

Smoke: Who knows. No visible stacks and not listed on menus and website. Window graphics say "Real Pit BBQ" I call bunk on that. The big black rotisserie (Olyer?) is in plain site in the kitchen. I did witness some smoke lingering in the air. I could see it but I could not taste it.

Brisket: Good. There was a faint blush of a smoke ring that was 1/4in. No knife needed, snap apart tender, but it was noticeably a little tough It goes down hill from there. Little to no smoke flavor. No rubs or anything. Another sad slice of roast beef. Use sauce and plenty of it.

Ribs: Fair. Tender clean bite and clean bone. Bland flavor. Little to no smoke flavor. Use the sauce. Thank goodness they only gave me one rib.

Sausage: Very Good. By far the best item on the plate. My first thought as I bit into this was BACON! Not sure if they use bacon but it was porky, a little salty and oh so good. Great smoke flavor just like smoked BACON! No sauce needed.

Sauce: Good. Overall flavor was average and since everything here needs sauce it did a little to help enhance the meats. Don't get it on the side, drown everything in the sauce.

PS: The Texas toast was more like tire rubber. My plate lunch came with two slices of ham and turkey. Thank goodness they were free because, they are not worth buying.
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