Boogie's Chicago Style BBQ

6/15/13 11:28am - Who can resist a joint with a name like Boogie's? Still not sure what "Chicago" style means cuz this is some good ole Texas 'Que.

I scored Boogies an 86 out 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas BBQ

Smoke: Oak and Pecan. Wood fired barrel REAL PIT smoker. Amen

Brisket: Good. 1/4in smoke ring. Tested tough of tender which always hurts the score. Not fork tender, used a knife. Perfect balance of smoke and rub. When I had a bite of bark, fat & beef I nearly fell out of my chair. This brisket was so good i finished it before i open the sauce. The harmony between the full smoke and salty rub is to die for. No sauce needed at all ever.

Ribs: Excellent. Once again the balance between rub and smoke made this St Louis rib one for the record books. This is the first rib that the aroma alone made me stop an look. I bet I smelt that rib three or four times before i took first bite. Heaven. Eating it was better than smelling it. Flavor was over the top. Near perfect tender, a little over cooked fall off bone. No sauce needed at all.

Sausage: Very Good. A fabulous homemade pork/beef sausage with strong traditional spice and good herb flavor. A nice after taste and decent smoke ensure you eat every slice. No sauce needed at all.

Sauce: Good. A brown thick sweet sauce. A Strong honey brown sugar syrupy sacue that stuck to everything that came into contact with. It masked the great BBQ flavor of the meats. Sauce at Boogies is an after thought. They really don't need it and this stuff hides the over the top flavor.

The staff was friendly and help with some photos. I asked what Chicago style meant, and he replied "its all in the way we cooked it, we don't cook no brisket 17 hours or nothin" Well, I guess that's the difference between 4 star and 5 star. So close.
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