Lyndon's Pit Bar-B-Q

1/31/13 11:28am - Typical Houston rotisserie barbecue. This place scored better than most because they pay close attention to tenderness. It is a popular place and will satisfy your craving for Texas barbecue.

I scored Lyndon's a 78 out of 100. This is Real Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: This not PIT barbecue. The name is misleading. They even have the words "The Pit" on the doors to their rotisserie ovens. I do not prefer rotisserie but I understand the logistics. What I hate is the intentional misleading of customers. Just because your stainless steel appliance is described as a "pit" does not make it a PIT! The pit-not-in-sight, standard 1/8in smoke ring, exhaust vents and teeny tiny stacks of oak wood are dead ringers for rotisserie.

Brisket: Good. It was snap apart nearly perfect tender. It goes downhill from there. The only flavor was beef. There was no smoke aroma. There was no rub. Is smoke and flavor to much to ask for from a barbecue joint? If I wanted roast beef I would go to Jason's Deli. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. It was soft clean bite and clean bone, nearly perfect tender. It goes downhill from there. The only flavor was pork. There was a faint smoke aroma. There was no rub or glaze. Once again, is smoke and flavor too much to ask for? Use the sauce.

Sausage: Great. The best item on the plate. It had smoke ring larger than the brisket! It had smoke flavor! It was a coarse ground pork sausage with good spice. There was not much after taste. It had little grease which i prefer. No sauce needed.

Sauce: Great. You could bottle and drink this stuff. It is served in a ketchup bottle off a plate warmer. Overall flavor was great. It was vinegar spicy molasses semisweet sauce. Not that it was a high threshold, but this made everything taste so much better. Drown everything in the sauce.
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