12/4/12 11:15am - I wanted to visit Beavers because I read they smoke their barbecue in an old refrigerator. There is some Carolina influence but this definitely great Texas Barbecue even if you cannot find the word "barbecue" on the menu! Seriously are they ashamed about serving awesome barbecue?

I scored Beavers an 85 out of 100. This is Reserve Grand Champion Texas Barbecue.

Smoke: Oak & Maple. I ask if they smoked the beef and then finished it in a oven. Nope, they smoke and cook everything in the old refrigerator. So this is real pit barbecue, but don't tell Beavers.

Beef Shoulder: Excellent. A bright red 1/8in smoke ring underneath a dark black bark. Cant get a bark like that with a rotisserie. A thing of beauty. Beef was snap apart tender. Did not need a knife. Full smoke flavor and and slight pepper and salt rub. No sauce needed.

Ribs: Fair. They were little tough of tender with slight tearing and not so clean bone. Full smoke flavor and pink all the way through. I could barely detect the rub they advertise on the menu. But the smoke was enough. No sauce needed.

Sausage: EXCELLENT! This sausage is my new benchmark for perfection. It got a perfect score. It had a smoke ring!! I couldn't believe my eyes. It is home made fine ground pork sausage with Mexican oregano, fried garlic and fried jalapeno seasoning. (My mouth is watering as I am writing this) It had full smoke and full spice flavor and the spice after taste linger for so long I stopped eating just to enjoy it. An added bonus: that there was little fat or grease. No sauce needed. They should get a US patent on this stuff.

Sauce: Poor. I guess this is the Carolina influence. I guessing it was something like Western North Carolina style sauce. It was bitter, sour and tasted horrible. It ruined everything I dipped into it. Kraft makes better sauce.

Home made pickles, are you kidding me? They're awesome!

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