Houston Barbecue Company

6/11/13 Revised
6/10/13 12:10pm - A great sauce can hide a multitude of sins. This simple BBQ truth applies here.

I scored Houston Barbecue a 74 out of 100. This is Regional Texas BBQ

Smoke: Oak? Got that off a website. I could not find a stick of it anywhere. An old review mention that they use wood only to fire pits. Then where is the wood? (on the roof) Where are the pits? (hidden). Its wood fired BBQ, check out the photos posted after my review.

Brisket: Fair. 1/16in smoke ring. Tested tough of tender and finished dry. Bark had little smoke and flavor. Use the sauce.

Ribs: Good. Near perfect tender, clean bite, clean bone. Little smoke and little flavor. Use the sauce.

Sausage: Poor. Big disappointment. This is a handmade beef sausage in the central Texas style. It looked great and I could not wait for my first bite. I had to eat a few bites before my eyes believed my taste buds. It was one dimensional in flavor. Mushy beef. A little smoke and maybe garlic but that's it. No salt. No black pepper. No herbs. Zero after taste. No bold flavor. Nothing Nada. Use the sauce.

Sauce: Excellent. A mustard vinegar orange sauce in the style of Luling and Salt Lick. Very tangy with strong cider vinegar honey flavor. It tasted great by the
spoonful and I had a more than a few spoonfuls. They should rethink the butcher paper. They should go to plates so they can drown the BBQ in this sauce.

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